i-meter® 636
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i-meter® 636

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A proven meter to power your billing!

What does each assembly include?

  • MOD-16: Ideal for 120-347 volts single phase systems, programmed for measuring 16 single phase 2 wire circuits
  • MOD-8: ideal for measuring 8 of 120/240 volts single phase, 3 wire circuits or 8 of 120/208 volts two phase 3 wire circuits
  • MOD-5: ideal for 120-347V three phase systems (with neutral available), programmed for measuring 5 three phase 4 wire circuits

Included in each selection: 

  • i-meter® 636 with Modbus and on-board p-tracker
  • NEMA 1 trough 24" x 6" x 4" 
  • Meter Display Unit
  • 200:0.1 amp current transformers as required


  • Innovative Metering Solution
  • Approved by Measurement Canada and meets ANSI revenue standards
  • Multi-Customer Metering System can be integrated or embedded into any Distribution Panel
  • Optional data display can be mounted in a utility room or management office
  • Support Building Automation Systems in Modbus or TCP/IP
  • Compact design usually installs right next to the breakers can save valuable installation time.
  • The i-meter® 636 works as a 16 single-element, 8 2-element or 5 3-element meter
  • Applications: Residential, Commercial, Industrial

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